Sergey Gavruk
Software Engineer / Consultant with more than 9 years of development experience



I am Full-Stack Developer

My current technology stack is Node.js on backend and React/redux (or Vue.js) on frontend. I am also experience in building mobile app using web technologies: React Native & Cordova.

I am always looking for new technologies and new solutions for a known problems. In fact, I’ve first started using NoSQL databases 7 years ago. I’ve started from MongoDB and then tried many other NoSQL databases (RethinkDB, Redis, InfluxData) to find out what each of them is good for.

I don’t believe in golden grail. Everything changes and I enjoy keeping up to date with new technologies.

I’ve strongly believe in the open source. I participate in some open source projects. Me and a few other Paralect members build open source tool for mongodb management Robomongo. It is widely used around the globe and has between 500 and 3000 download per day. I also built an open source Web Framework for Go as my project while learning this language: crater.

I am very proactive and enjoy impact to the future of the project I am working on. I am always analyze a market and trying to come up with better, or improved ideas. My previous customers liked that about me a lot.


Sergey is a highly self-motivated problem solver with deep technical knowledge. I have been working with a lot freelancers but never come across someone that is consistently pushing the product forward, both technically and feature-wise. He has a unique ability to see the business value and always comes up with great ideas to make the product even better for our customers. He is a fast learner and quickly understands very complex codebases and improves them to a level of excellence. I cannot recommend him highly enough, he will set a new standard for every freelancer you will hire in the future.

Masod Saidi Founder & CEO at Brief